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Wow, I never thought Blackberry is so demn cool. I can even update my blog with it. 🙂


Yeah I am lazy and I dont deny that. Who updates their blog after 2 years? LOL. There’s nothing much interesting thing happens since my last update, just I manage to have a companion for about a year. Yeah, that’s the longest relationship I ever had. Didn’t regret it, didn’t enjoy it but hey, at least its something right? But one thing for sure, Love sucks, but breaking up more suckier. Hmm, other than that, neehh, nothing interesting. My car is now a Persona. Got myself an old Nokia qwerty phone. Updated my ubuntu to 9.04. Gain sommore weight. A new netbook.

Yeah. my life kinda lame. So maybe im going to stop writing about my life in blog and maaaaybe I will start to write about something else in a new blog. Maybe about technology. Dunno. Just wait and see. Bye.

Hey Delilah

Nice Parody Video I wanna share with you guys, Hey Delilah – Plain White T’s


Almost a month, like usual, that’s me. Lazy. 31st August to 2nd September. The days that I will never ever forget. Why? Well, its 50th Anniversary of Malaysia’s Independence. Merdeka. And 2nd September is my birthday. And also the deathday of my grandpa. But that’s not the reason I will remember the day. Those are the reason of why we doing the stuff that I will never forget. We? Yeah, it’s not me alone.

31st August 2007, was the day the that I always remember coz it was the day that I really have freedom. Freedon in my own city. Yeah, I’m 22 and living with my parents, full time. And I still have curfews, and still treated like kiddies. Freedom roaming at night in Kuantan really precious to me. Going out at 3 or 4 a.m without fear is like a drea come true. No, it’s not the date I got the licence of freedom, it’s just temporary. Sleepover at a friend’s house. That’s how my temporary freedom began. Barbeque, countdown to merdeka, having some good breeze from the beach. Priceless. Total freedom But that’s not the only thing that I will remember. It’s also a date where my ex-girlfriend come here celebrating the Merdeka. With my bestfriend. Tell me how you think? Your ex-girlfriend going out with your bestfriend. What you feel? Heh, dammit, I’m a freaking loser, loner. He’s the only friend that I have, I can trust. Yet he’s going out with my ex-girlfriend without feeling any guilty to me, and I’m sitting in front of this PC writing, ranting about it. Heh, and we spend the night at the same house. I know I’m a freaking loser, thanks.

And she spend her days here untill 1st September,  with most of the time with my bestfriend.

2nd September 2007,  my birthday. For the first time in my life, somebody do really care about my birthday. Thanks. I’m not celebrating the day alone unlike pastyears. Thank god, I’m not really a loner. Though I’m not the only one who’s being celebrated, I’m really thankful. Yeah, it’s not my birthday alone. A girl, coming a long way from Banting celebrating her birthday with me us. No, she’s not coming here to celebrating with us, with somebody else, and guess who?

I need my ciggies now, will continue when I have the momentum.

Plain White T’s Album really nice, try it

Just started

I seen a death. A real death. Happen just in front of my eye. Death of a dog. Stray dog. Yeah, it’s not a big deal, its just a dog, stray dog. But it was different. It was my first experience with real live death (izzit even a correct word?).

I was on my way back from college. One fine day, and I’m driving like usual, fast. But there was a van in front of me, fast, but not fast enough. We met at a corner, so I know I’m not crazy enough to overtake that Ford Transit eventhough it was my nature to overtake whatever moving in front of my way. Then I saw a stray dog, beside of the road. No, it’s not me crush the dog, it was that Ford Transit. I really don’t know if he could see that poor dog but he crush the dog on wheels. And imagine that happen in front of your eyes. And I really saw that dog shaking waiting for death. And how his stomach blurted out, the blood. Lucky for the dog, I didn’t add the pain. I manage to avoid the dog, and I even move a little bit to the right before the van crush over that poor dog. Then we both drive slow. Really slow and I even let a kancil overtake me. And that Transit giving me away to to overtake him, but I didn’t. The flash of my granma traumatize me suddenly. Damn.

My class starts today. My first class made me sleepy. My second class scaring me. 4 credits for that subject but it wasn’t scare me. The flow of the class scares me. We have to make a circuit that is very complicated that we can’t even assemble it in our college. And that’s our project. Our assignment. And a presentation. And all that will be done in UTMKL. And its going to be in limited days. And that project cost 20% for an A. I actually don’t really know if I actually excited or I’m scared. Excited, coz it going to be hard, and challenging. Scared coz it’s going to be big impact for my pointer this sem. Chai choose me as his partner. And we decided to make a 2 people group instead of 3. But this girl, Emy, uh, or Emi? uh, whatever come to us begging to join our group. And it’s funny when she tried to impress us saying she could cook. Huh? WTF? Cook? It’s that acceptable? Electric circuit project and food. What a combination. But she keep begging so I tell her to persuade Chai since I don’t really care. But then she call and Chai put all the decision on me. And again WTF? And keep begging and begging for about 10 minutes. At last I say OK, eventhough Chai asked me to get rid of her. I just can’t get rid of her. Okay, fine, I’m weak to begging girl. Fullstop.

I want to write more I suddenly the feeling of laziness coming and conquer the mind of mine. I want to write about my lolipop journey, my first soccer football match in 5 years, and erm, dunno, can’t think more. But I really can’t. The great power of Lazy successfully taken over my mind, so I guess, it is the time to log off. That’t all folks.